Trust issues: BDMs concerned about data privacy

Thanks to high profile data breaches, such as WannaCry, and the increasing need for organisations to be more data-driven, the safety of data is a big priority and an equally big concern for organisations and individuals alike.

We ask the VB Business Panel about how data privacy impacts their organisations all of the time, but we don’t often ask how they feel about their organisation holding their own personal data. Over the summer we interviewed 286 business decision makers (BDMs), and the results were surprising.

Giving personal data to an employer cannot be avoided. Payment details, right to work documentation and even location information are all reasonable types of data for an employer to hold. But do business decision makers feel that information is safe?

At first glance, it may look like business decision makers trust their organisation. After all, 77% of respondents trust their employer with personal identifiers. But shouldn’t this be more than 77%?  Seeing that a quarter of respondents do not trust their own organisation with their name or address – pretty basic data – is worrying. And the distrust continues, as many wouldn’t trust their employer with payment details, passwords, or location data, all very standard information to share with any organisation you work for.

In a perfect world, employees would advocate the practices of their organisation, but it looks like there’s a way to go before BDMs will feel comfortable with sharing their personal data, if they ever do. It’s not necessarily because organisations are failing to secure data. It’s more about the growing awareness around personal data security and consequences of breaches.