How does the research you take part in get used?

At the VB Business Panel, we think it’s very important to share the results of the surveys you’ve taken part in.

Our research often generates attention in the press, on social media, and with influencers. Research projects conducted via the VB Business Panel have gone on to get press attention in titles like the Guardian, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, and Information Age. This attention gets shared on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, so do follow us to keep up-to-date with the latest insights. We hope you enjoy seeing the results!

It’s not just about press articles though, there are so many different and exciting pieces of content that are created from research. Below are some examples of the variety of ways our clients turn your data into compelling content which is engaging and easy to understand.

Bite-sized content:

Snackable content - brief, attention grabbing, and straightforward - is very important in order to draw an audience and spark interest in the research. Visual representations of data are often easier to consume and are therefore very popular.

Infographics are a great way to do this, and so many of our clients turn your survey data into fascinating graphics that get widely shared.

Short videos are also very commonly created to share the story of the research. We created an animated video using research data we conducted with you last year, and clients produce a great variety of video content too.

We’d love to hear what you think – have a watch and let us know if you think they’re engaging!

Interactive tools:

Creating a short, interactive website that shows people how they or their company compares to survey participants’ answers is really compelling. It can be comforting, showing how their problems might be experienced by a wider group. It can also be informative, offering advice on how to develop and improve.

Here’s an example of such a tool, designed to show technology marketers how their experience compares to their peers.


How better to engage people than using the research findings as the basis for events?

Our research has been used as debating points on panels and briefings, and has even been the focus of keynote speeches at large conferences and exhibitions across Europe, the US and Australia.

Improving customer/market understanding:

Research often interviews an organisation’s typical market so that the findings can help to build a better understanding of their customers and the overall market.

Clients have used our research to create guides on hot topics and issues so that their teams are more informed, better prepared, and can offer an improved customer service.

Often when clients commission research from us, they find when examining the data that the results can be used across the whole of the business. It can be used by product development teams, senior management, sales teams – almost everywhere in a company! It can help many departments understand what customers are saying and help shape any strategic activity.


Next time you take part in a survey you are more than likely contributing to multiple pieces of content that will be shared on many different platforms across many different countries, and you’ll be helping to inform company strategy.

We run a panel and love market research, so of course we’re a little biased, but we think that’s a pretty impressive thing to be a part of.