Data security

The majority of decision makers from the VB Business Panel are expecting to suffer a data security breach/attack, but are taking steps to reduce that risk.

Educating staff is one of the top precautions that organisations take to reduce the risk of data attacks. Could this be linked to a rise in insider threats in organisations, an increase in human errors leading to data breaches, or even recent major cyber-attacks? For the public sector educating staff is the top precaution they take to reduce this risk. Recent cyber-attacks such as the WannaCry hit the NHS causing countless patients to be turned away and numerous appointments to be cancelled. Could this be why the public sector are trying to educate their staff about data security?

Not surprisingly the IT sector are the most likely to have steps in place to reduce the risk of a breach. Generally, the IT sector are more knowledgeable of data security which forces them to be more aware of the dangers and how frequently they can occur compared to other sectors.

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